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FaZe Clan analyst on latest results: "I suppose, the guys needed some break"

FaZe Clan analyst Vyacheslav "Innersh1ne" Britvin explained the team's mediocre results at IEM Dallas and BLAST Spring Finals. He thinks the players needed better rest, and it hurt the preparation. Britvin shared these thoughts on his Telegram.

2:0 vs OG. Roobet Cup is a nice opportunity to keep in shape in official games while we prepare for Cologne. The last two tournaments were admittedly sad, but there were reasons for that. After the Major, we had neither good preparation (too few sсrimming days) nor good rest. I suppose, the guys needed some break.

We are analyzing our mistakes and coming to our senses bit by bit. We are working on our game.

Vyacheslav "Innersh1ne" Britvin
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FaZe Clan finished 5-6th at both mentioned events after winning PGL Major Antwerp 2022 in May. In Roobet Cup 2022 they are facing BIG on the 24 of June.

IEM Cologne is scheduled to begin on July 5 but FaZe will enter the tournament a few days later, in the Group Stage. The event is important by itself, and matter more for FaZe as it can took them closer to Intel Grand Slam S4 title.

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