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Russia might try to promote its National Guard through videogames Rumors

National Guard of the Russian Federation is considering to use videogames to improve its public image and increase the agency's presige. This idea was pitched by State Duma Committee on Informational Policy, Technologies and Communications. The story was reported by Kommersant.

Kommersant got access to a letter sent by a Committee Chairman to a National Guard director, in which he suggested using videogames in the agency's PR. It claims that the Committee, together with other governmental agencies, came up with two options: either to create a new game about the National Guard from the ground up or to integrate its branding into an existing game. One of the possible targets was online shooter "Калибр" (Caliber) from 1C Game Studios, creators of IL-2 Sturmovik.

Caliber promotional materials. Source:

Committee Chairman Alexander Khinshtein confirmed the existence of such an initiative to journalists. He also added that it's appropriate to use new forms of media for "the youngest security agency on the forefront of the fight against terrorism and crime and protection of our territorial integrity". Such measures might be applied in other agencies in the future as well.

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The official promotion of military is nothing new for gaming. US Army developed its own series of first-person shooters America's Army, with the first game releasing in 2002. Multiple branches of US military also sponsored different esports events, such as ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018, which was supported by US Air Force.

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