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Flamie lost access to FPL after forgetting to logout in internet cafe

Egor "flamie" Vasilyev forgot to logout from his FACEIT account after playing in an internet cafe in Moscow. That resulted in him losing invite to FPL.

That bit was shared by flamie's 1WIN teammate Denis "deko" Zhukov on stream. According to him, the matter is already resolved.

Egor was playing from an internet cafe. He logged on FACEIT and forgot to logout. Some dude ended up on that PC later and left FPL. So Egor had to ask for a new invite after getting back home.

Denis "deko" Zjukov
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FACEIT Pro League (FPL) is an invite-only league for the best CS:GO players. Every month they compete for a prize pool of $20k, which is divided between top-15 of the league.

Flamie is playing for 1WIN since the beginning of 2022. The team frequently plays open qualifiers to different tournaments and leagues, but didn't manage to get anywhere yet.

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