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Shox and adreN are out of Team Liquid

Richard "shox" Papillon and Eric "adreN" Hoag stepped down from the Team Liquid's active CS:GO roster. The team is going to "explore future options for our roster". The announcement was published on Twitter.

According to Richard Lewis, Marek "YEKINDAR" Galinskis is one of the possible replacements for shox. Earlier the player announced that he came to an agreement with on the terms of his leave.

The change in the team came after a row of bad results for Team Liquid. Since signing shox in December 2021, Liquid didn't finish higher than 5-8th place on big events, and completely failed PGL Major Antwerp 2022, finishing Legends Stage with a 0-3 score.

Current Team Liquid lineup:


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shox shox

adreN adreN

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2022-05-20 09:19:00Rumors Shox might leave Team Liquid
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