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B1ad3 on s1mple's possible break: "If this happens, we'll appreciate everything we had and move forward"

NAVI head coach Andrii "B1ad3" Horodenskyi commented on Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev's possible career break. Talking to, B1ad3 said he tries to be realistic and prepared for such a possibility. He hinted that the problem might be with s1mple's motivation.

Things happen. It's life. Nothing is infinite. Everything has its time. My attitude or feeling about this is more normal, and I'm realistic. We had our good wins and good moments, and if this happens, we will appreciate everything we had and move forward. But I hope it won't happen, of course.

But if we speak about the rest, I think it's all about motivation, and your goals; how much you struggle, and how good you are during it, what are the results of your struggle. It's very important. When you set proper goals in life, you will always find your motivation.

Andrii "B1ad3" Horodenskyi
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B1ad3 didn't deny the option to stick with their stand-in, Victor "somedieyoung" Orudzhev. He said the team will decide after BLAST Spring Finals 2022. He also gave a short comment on electronic's debut as an IGL.

It's good. I don't think it's perfect. It can't be at the moment because he needs a lot of time to adapt, improve and learn a lot of stuff. But the dynamic is good.

Andrii "B1ad3" Horodenskyi

Lately, s1mple mentioned he might pause his career. He feels tired of being on the move as he cannot return home to Ukraine. It was not the first time the superstar player spoke about a possible break.

NAVI made it to the BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2022 playoffs. They will face FaZe Clan in the quarterfinals today at 16:30 CEST.

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