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Valve nerfs M4A1S in CS:GO

New update for CS:GO brought M4A1 nerfs to address the gun spamming. The rifle now has 20 bullets per magazine with 80 in reserve. The developers also increased the range of bomb explosion on Inferno and added numerous changes to Ancient.


  • Reduced the M4A1-S magazine size to 20 bullets, with 80 in reserve.



  • Remove cratestack outside of "cave" location
  • Fixed pixelgap from inside "cave" towards T mid
  • Fixed ground clipping bugs in mid causing players to go slightly airborne
  • Smoothed out ground outside of "cave" down towards B ramp
  • Blocked archeological dig inside of "cave"
  • Smoothed out corners in "donut" room
  • Added additional cover near pillar on B
  • Blocked one sidepath exit towards A site, widened remaining exit
  • Fixed some visual glitches when looking out towards mid from "donut" room
  • Reduced wallbang damage through scaffolding at B site
  • Boosted light emitted from candles/lanterns


  • Increased bomb explosion damage from 500 to 620


  • Another attempt at fixing molly through floor bug at mid
  • Removed a position by ramp corner


  • Fixed an exploit. (Thanks El_Exodus!)


  • Performance and stability improvements
  • Ivy now sways in the wind
  • Fixed displacement vphysics issues
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Previous M4A1S was allegedly one of the reasons for a noticeable meta shift towards CT. This new change may bring back M4A1 as the main CT rifle again.

This update looks like Valve's direct answer to community criticism. Aside from nerfing the rifle, they also changed Ancient, which many considered stale and poorly designed. For example, during the Antwerp Major, Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev wondered why the map had almost no changes since its release.

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