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"Let us do our shit, we won a Major, we know how to play" EVY talks about his time as coach assistant in EG, blames Stewie2K for childish behavior Interview

Paolo "EVY" Berbudeau revealed the story behind his and Damien "maLeK" Marcel's removal from Evil Geniuses. He brought up numerous problems and a general unwillingness to cooperate. He spoke about it on the 1pv podcast, the quotes were translated by French journalist Guillaume "neL" Canelo.

Key takes from EVY’s story

  • MaLeK didn’t want to bring Stewie2K to the team, but the organization insisted on it: "We want him, he's a superstar, he won a Major, he's the best player in the US, etc."
  • Everything went wrong right from the start. The players made it obvious they didn’t respect the coaches. Their attitude was described as "Let us do our shit, we won a Major, we know how to play"
  • Their first practice revealed players playing like a FACEIT pug, while Stewie2K didn’t communicate, played for fun, and didn’t behave professionally. "The very next morning, we had this discussion explaining that what we had seen was not right. And from there, it was already over."

Stewie wouldn't say hello to Damien when we walked into the room, starting on day 5/6. When Damien spoke, he was turned back to his pc, he wasn't listening to him. Sometimes Stewie would listen to Damien and then turn around and not respond. One of the worst things I've seen is denying tactical breaks. Damien calling tactical breaks and Stewie saying no. I've never seen that, and that started happening from the first official game. We looked at each other and we didn't understand.

Paolo "EVY" Berbudeau, former assistant coach at EG
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  • EVY was disappointed with NA attitude. He said players were wasting time on very specific finishes or details, ignoring the big picture. While familiar with many basics, they still lacked general preparation.
  • Stewie2K allowed himself some "unspeakable things" as a captain. At ESL Pro League, maLeK was missing, and EVY took the lead. He said Stewie2K wasn't calling in-game even when EG CEO was there. He was surprised Nicole Lapointe didn't interfere.
  • Stewie2K didn't listen to EVY's advice. The coach's assistant claims he has 20 Gb of the player's videos dying from impatience. He claimed Stewie didn't want to trade properly or learn how to do it, and often died "like a noob."

"When I say 'like a noob', I'm just kidding, Stewie has put some nice clutch shots for us, etc. But he has a 0.55 rating against top 5 teams with EG, his level is questionable, he doesn't challenge himself as a player anymore and he's not a good leader, it's hard to do from there."

Paolo "EVY" Berbudeau, former assistant coach at EG
  • MaLeK was very diplomatic, according to his assistant. After three months, most of the players admitted the leadership problem, even autimatic, who supported Stewie from the get-go. EVY thinks that by the end of it, the squad changed their perception of their IGL.
  • Even though maLeK was told he would have all the authority, in reality, it didn't work this way. He reported the behaviour to the organization with demos, but their supervisor didn't do anything about it.
  • Evil Geniuses' general plans were unrealistic. Instead of a planned 2,5-month bootcamp in Europe, they suggested spending this time practicing at home in "submarine mode" in hopes to surprise everyone, emerging in "legend mode."
  • In the end, Damien had to bench himself, because he was hitting a brick wall. EVY followed his fate by the decision of EG.
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A lot of things were wrong and Damien lost it, and simply said "stop, you are doing shit, do what I asked you to do, this is not normal, etc." He had been right for six months, and when he stood up and demanded that we stop bullshitting him, it was over. Damien benched himself and EG wanted to part with him.

Paolo "EVY" Berbudeau, former assistant coach at EG

Evil Geniuses assembled the American star lineup by the end of 2021. They kept two of their best players and mixed them with three major winners, RUSH, Stewie2K, and automatic. The lineup didn't achieve anything big, missing key events and finishing last place at EPL, even when it could cost the organization a partner slot in the league.

MaLeK left the squad at the beginning of May. In their latest attempt to address their problems, the club bought two more teams and moved their data analyst Valens to supervise this new structure.

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