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OverDrive issued an apology for his dismissive statement towards female esports

Alexey "OverDrive" Birykov and Team Spirit issued an apology and clarified their positions on the analyst and insider's previous comment. On his Twitch, Alexey was skeptical of the female CS:GO scene and brought up an idea to make a streamer project featuring "top models." The apologies appeared on social media.

The quotes from my stream about women's CSGO appeared on the Internet. Let me make my position clear: I am in no way against women's CSGO. It is a full-fledged cybersport, just like men's. As a spectator, I might not find it as interesting as I do the men's one, but I'm all for it going forward, so that women can compete in their favorite game.

Reflections on models are thoughts on topics far removed from esports. About 5 years ago I was offered to do such a streamer project but I refused. I recalled it in an inappropriate form. I did not want to offend anyone, and I apologize.

Alexey "OverDrive" Birykov
Sdy: "I was told I won Dota LAN at 7 and CS one at 9, but I don’t remember any of that"

Team Spirit followed his apology by stating they do not share this vision and condone any form of misogyny.

OverDrive's saying on Twitch made it to the headlines in the Russian-speaking community. One of which used it out of context. It caused a backlash from the region's female talent. Some were laughing back, while others took it a bit more seriously. You can read the full story at the link below.

OverDrive negative comment on female CS:GO meets backlash among talent

OverDrive OverDrive

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