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OverDrive negative comment on female CS:GO meets backlash among talent

Russian insider Alexey "OverDrive" Biryukov commented on the female CS:GO scene. He stated their level is nowhere near the top. While he didn't call for its abandonment, his suggestion of a streamer project with "top models" was met with a critique by talent.

I never understood female CS, and I will never get what it is for. It would be cool if they took some top models as organization representatives for everyone to jerk off to [Overdrive used a made-up synonym]. To show how they're learning to play... I don't know, for promotion, like Twitch does, like streamers.

Because competitive CS… Well, f*k, why is this... Actually, I don't mind. They have their tournaments, and it's cool. I'm not calling to ban all the female events. Let them develop, it's a fine story. It shouldn't be like we are playing while they don't. It's fine, it's cool. It's simply unwatchable, but I'm not against it.

Alexey "OverDrive" Biryukov
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There was also a news piece that put OverDrive's statement slightly out of context, as if he was calling to replace the professionals with top models. This version caused several sarcastic comments among female esports talent. Dota 2 caster Darya "Eiritel" Morozova mirrored Alexey's statement with her own interpretation.

I never understood male CS. It would be cool if they took Gachimuchi actors. Otherwise, who needs all this?

Darya "Eiritel" Morozova
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NAVI host Antonina "Tonya" Predko had a bitter reponse. She would like to see OverDrive canceled and removed from the industry. But she finds it unrealistic in the current state of the scene.

"I never understood something, that means it must be sexualized." It would be cool if their CIS would have a cancel culture for these people to be ostracized. If you only knew how many people in esports share his opinion, you'd be terrified.

But why am I even talking about it? People still write comments about boobs under every video, even the most innocent ones, just because I have them. Before, I was pissed, but now It looks pathetic when I know how strong the girls are and how much desire for play and development they have. By the way, our female CS:GO roster is soon to get to their first LAN, which they dreamed about. They are the new role models, not these dusty men.

Antonina "Tonya" Predko

Previously, ESL hosted their first LAN event of the female Impact League. It took place in the USA along with male IEM Dallas 2022. But unlike the main show, girls played in a studio environment without a crowd. The trophy went to a mostly-Russian squad Nigma Galaxy Female.

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