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Boombl4 passes a drug test to prove he is clean Photo

Former NAVI captain Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov revealed his drug test results. He had to pass them after his ex-wife Anzhelika "Liqueen" Mikhailova accused him of being an addict. The Russian posted proof that he is clean on Twitter.

After their scandalous breakup, Liqueen posted a short video of Kirill sniffing some white powder. Anzhelika insisted that this was a forbidden drug. She doubled down on this several times, recently posting a story about their mutual drug marathons that led to panic attacks. That was only one of many other accusations. At the same time, she continues to post videos and messages asking Boombl4 to return.

Kirill denied all the allegations and said he would file a libel suit against Liqueen. Even if the drug test can’t reveal if he used something in the past, it might prove he is not an addict, contrary to what Anzhelika stated.

Currently, Boombl4 is a free agent. He doesn’t want to stop his career and will return to the scene when he sees an opportunity. Kirill’s time in NAVI supposedly ended because of Liqueen’s actions on the web. The club framed his departure as a move to prevent reputational damage.

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