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Macron met with esports personalities including Ceb, Vitality CEO and G2, confirmed plans for major events in France

French President Emmanuel Macron met with esports representatives on June 3 and confirmed his plans to host the largest esports events in 2024, including The International and CS:GO Major. League of Legends Worlds, however, is unlikely to be held in France since it was hosting one in 2019.

OG's Sebastien "Ceb" Debs famous Dota player visited the meeting and made a selfie with the president and gave a short speech.

I know a lot of young people want to follow that path and I support them to do so. It's hard to reach the top level in esports as in any field, but it's worth it. Dota 2 is an international game, but I've been the only French at the top level for 10 years now.

When I started, there was not much attention given to Esports. It didn't prevent me from reaching the top level and I believe that's proof that the French scene has a lot of potentials to offer, has a lot of talents, and is very healthy. I can only be delighted by the events, dedicated to promoting and supporting Esports, such as today's invitation. There is a lot to offer, a lot to do. I believe that's how France can become what it should be, an Esports Reference. I see a lot of potential and benefits for the country, for its international standing.

Other noticeable French esports personalities also visited the meeting. For example, Vitality CEO Fabien "Neo" Devide, Alban "Stilgar" Dechelotte, and Romain Bigeard from G2 Esports, representatives of other disciplines and journalists.

Macron revealed his plans to host the biggest esports events in 2024 during the elections. In April, he was also spotted wearing Vitality colors. Many, like French insider Guillaume "neL" Canelo, seem skeptical about all the promises but nonetheless welcome Macron's support of Esports.



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