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OG reveal multinational CS:GO academy roster, featuring ex-Sprout and SKADE players

OG Academy players have been revealed ahead of WePlay Academy League S4. Gathered by the club’s coaching staff with Casper "ruggah" Due, these were the five prospects chosen from 400 applicants.

OG Academy

All of them have at least some semiprofessional past. MAriX and oxygen stand out as the ones with the most experience, previously playing for Sprout and SKADE, and winning some tier-3 events. 22-year-old dementor was also participating in low-tier tournaments with teams like NASR and Lausanne eSports.

S0und has some experience in Romanian squads while shaiK played for Bulgarian FATE, but these two are the least known to the public.

"We were really motivated to win to shut up the crowd". Chopper on match with FURIA, psychological tricks, and sacrificing his hair to the god of CS
Team Spirit captain reflecting on the Major.

I think we have a good mix between really young "inexperienced" and already more established players to do well in WePlay and other tournaments we might participate in. The goal is always to win but it is work and progress. I will give my best to bring the players to the next level and get them ready for the big boys in Tier 1.

Christian "crisbyyy" Schmitt

The lineup's average age is not exceedes 20 years. At the moment of publication, OG Academy are playing their first match in WAL against Eternal Fire Academy.

I'm devastated by the Cloud9 loss. Their mental game needs an overhaul
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