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FaZe Clan get to grand final of PGL Major Antwerp

FaZe Clan defeated Team Spirit in the semifinal of PGL CS:GO Major Antwerp 2022. The series ended with a 2:0 score in favor of karrigan’s team — Mirage (16:13), Dust 2 (25:23).

FaZe started with an impressive 10-5 lead on the attack. After losing the pistol round they reached 13-8, but then Spirit came back and almost broke the course of action. Each of the last rounds was finished in a clutch with huge moments from degster, karrigan, and chopper. But in the end, it was ropz who finished the match by defusing the bomb at the very last second.

Dust 2 developed a similar scenario with a significant lead for FaZe. Team Spirit once again showed strong fortitude but this time they reached 15 first. During the first half, magixx pulled an ace clutch. FaZe managed to pull it to overtime, and in a grueling fight they've done it in three overtimes.

FaZe Clan advance to the grand final where they will meet either NAVI or ENCE, depending on the outcome of another semifinal that will start shortly after.

PGL Major Antwerp 2022 is taking place in Belgium from 9-22 May. 24 teams are fighting for million dollars and the BLAST World Final invite.

"We were really motivated to win to shut up the crowd". Chopper on match with FURIA, psychological tricks, and sacrificing his hair to the god of CS



PGL Major Antwerp 2022 PGL Major Antwerp 2022

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