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Twistzz saying NA CS:GO players moved to Valorant for "easy money" met with angry responses

FaZe's Russel "Twistzz" Van Dulken sparked a heated debate after claiming that North American CS:GO players switched to Valorant for "easy money". In his interview with, he called the region's state "abysmal" and blamed NA professionals for lacking work ethic to improve in CS:GO.

This will come as no surprise that I am saying this, but I have to say that the current region is abysmal. I mean, we saw so many new players moving to VALORANT because they just want the easy money. They see a new game and they see everyone is trying to get into it and it's easy money. I think the switch is for the money and the work ethic wasn't there in CS to become better.

Russel "Twistzz" Van Dulken
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Cloud9's Anthony "vanity" Malaspina's responded on Twitter and reminded Twistzz of their problems during the pandemic. Former Chaos captain implied they had no choice after their org left the scene.

Other NA players remembered how ESL took away their slots during the rebuild of ESL Pro League into a franchise model. The Guard's head coach Matthew "mCe" Elmore and OpTic's Jaccob "Yay" Whiteaker made several sarcastic comments on the matter.

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Van Dulken's bitterness towards NA is not something new. After he left Liquid, he expressed the desire to relocate to Europe. Despite NA's best team's success in 2019, he felt that he was underappreciated, and blamed his former teammates for stubbornness, and inability to change and improve. After the debate on Twitter, Twistzz admitted that he could shape his words better, but didn't retract his statement.


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