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"Pure Class". NiKo vs cadiaN beef ends with G2 Carlos settling debate

G2 CEO Carlos "ocelote" Rodriguez showed respect to Heroic's cadiaN after his back and forth with Nikola "NiKo" Kovac. That beef sprawled on social media for two days straight and added some spice to the match between these teams.

It started with NiKo retweeting Lurppis's attack on cadiaN. Heroic's captain was shouting and celebrating his win over Liquid and provoked Finn's reaction.

Heroic coach Xizt reminded Lurppis of his own sins while CadiaN brought his anger to the server. As soon as Heroic beat G2 in the Major's group stage, the Dane went furious and raging on camera.

In a later interview with, Casper confirmed that this wasn't just another game for him. He called NiKo's actions stupid and even went on G2 Esports as an org.

100% a grudge match, don't do me like that. That's just stupid. Definitely gonna put fuel to the fire and put more energy into the game but I mean the fans also love a bit of drama, I'm not sure when you are such big favorites as G2 you spend so much money on Counter-Strike that you want to create that kind of tension in a game like this, where you should beat Heroic every fucking time and you don't. So creating that drama, just fuelling us up and putting in the mind games, I appreciate you.

Casper "cadiaN" Moller
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This is when Carlos responded on Twitter with a sudden sympathy towards the Danish captain. The following discussion turned into a mutual courteous exchange with Heroic official account summing things up as "Pure class".


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