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Hobbit denies match-fixing allegations

Cloud9's Abay "Hobbit" Khasenov went out on Twitter to reject the accusations of match-fixing, released by his former PARTY teammate Rustam "5TRYK3R" Alimqulov. Hobbit stated that he was never involved in such an activity because he cares for his reputation.

On May 13 5TRYK3R published a confession of his spot-fixing during CIS Minor Qualifier in 2015. He released a recorded TeamSpeak conversation with all five players. There were several mentions of throwing games, while nobody from the team was denying it.

Hobbit's ex-teammate accuses him of matchfixing. Here's 5TRYK#R's story
What happened?

5TRYK3R backed up that recording with other indirect proofs. There are screenshots of conversations and bookmaker canceling matches, marked as fixed ones. Other proofs are the suspicious mistakes that happened during the allegedly thrown pistol rounds.

According to Richard Lewis, ESIC and Cloud9 started their investigations. American organization bought the former Gambit lineup just recently. PGL Major Antwerp 2022 became their first tournament under the new tag. The team is currently 1-2 in a Swiss Legends group.

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