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Hobbit confirms Nuke pick against FaZe was a mistake

FaZe Clan beat Cloud9 at the group stage of PGL CS:GO Major Antwerp 2022. The Russian squad picked Nuke for the important bo1 and lost the map 8-16.

The last time they played Nuke was in 2019 under the Gambit.Youngsters tag. This veto confused the community, especially after Finn "karrigan" Andersen called this decision a draft mistake on Twitter.

During the aftermath discussion, Mauisnake pointed out that the veto is being done vocally, which leaves a little space for mistakes. Since Cloud9 was picking first, all they had to do was to ban three maps in a row, after which it became FaZe’s turn. During the post-match interview, Abay "Hobbit" Khasenov said that "they wanted to try something new," adding that Cloud9 was actually practicing the map.

Later he appeared on AdreN's broadcast and finally confirmed it was a mistake.

We were doing the veto, and somehow Nuke just slipped in [Did you realize you were giving it away?] There was some mistake, and we were like, "Ok." But you saw the beginning, it was good, right?

Abay "Hobbit" Khasenov
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Cloud9’s next opponent will be one of the following teams: BIG, Outsiders, or G2 Esports. Currently at the Major, Team Liquid fights for its survival versus Vitality, while Copenhagen Flames and Team Spirit decide who will grab the first place in the playoffs.



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