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Hobbit's Ex-teammate 5TRYK3R admits their team match-fixing, brings strong evidence with TeamSpeak record

Former PARTY captain Rustam "5TRYK3R" Alimqulov revealed the last piece of evidence against his former team. He admitted that he, Hobbit, fitch, and other players convinced him to throw three pistol rounds during MLG Columbus Minor. Rustam shared the TeamSpeak record with evidence on YouTube and provided his comments.

The demos of these rounds are included at the end of this article. We already covered 5TRYK3R’s previous hints on this case and took an interview where he shares his problems with forZe and tells how he created PARTY.

Hobbit's ex-teammate accuses him of matchfixing. Here's 5TRYK#R's story
What happened?

The following is a translation of 5TRYK3R describing the situation before the TeamSpeak recording. We tried to keep the wording as close as possible to the original.

Before these games, Maga- called me. He said, "everyone agreed except you. Let's throw the match because our chances are looking low ". At that moment, I was shocked. But since the guys weren't morally ready to win games and wanted easy money, it became clear that it would be tough to win. I called him back, and we decided only to lose pistol rounds, to keep some chances to qualify for the LAN finals [MLG Columbus Minor]. Because if I'd categorically disagree, this would cause a moral downfall, and we wouldn't win anyway. I want to stress it: there was pressure on me. Four players forced me.

A maximum of eight people were supposed to know about it. We lost three pistol rounds as planned, but there was no payment. All because fitch leaked it to a half of the computer club [LAN-cafe]. As a result, there were around 50 bets [on our throw], and the bookie canceled the payments. Our clan tag was banned.

Rustam "5TRYK3R" Alimqulov
PARTY's games at CIS qualifier for the Minor

The next part is a translation of a recorded team-speak discussion that mentions that incident. The TS was made by 5TRYK3R. Overall, there are no signs of someone denying the match-fixing case brought up 3-4 times during the discussion.

The point of this team talk is not throwing games but a debate to kick 5TRYK3R if he wouldn't radically change his character and attitude.

5TRYK3R: When fitch had this Olimp [Bookmaker's name] thing, we did not gather as five [like in my case] and didn't bring the topic. You were mad, and I was calming down. If you remember, I was the only one trying to calm down.
Maga-: Yeah, that happened.
5TRYK3R: You were outraged, like, "I won't play with him." Remember?
Maga-: Yes, I remember.
5TRYK3R: Adlet [keeN] stopped communicating with fitch. Abai was mad like hell. I was the only person trying to calm everyone and said: "F**k it, he's a man, it's a human factor, we were doing this for the first time." Remember?
Maga-: Yes, you did.

TeamSpeak record
These are two of these match results canceled by Bookmaker, marked as match-fixing. The third one was also canceled. Source: Alimqulov's YouTube.

The later part of the discussion is dedicated to a match versus Arcade eSports (future Vega Squadron) that happened at the Binary Dragons Winter Cup in 2016. From how it sounds, 5TRYK3R was suspicious if his team was playing fair.

KeeN: I'm shocked that you could even think about it, 5TRYK3R.
5TRYK3R: You and Abai were quite eager [to do it] for the last few days: "Shit, we need money, let's throw this one, let's throw."
KeeN: "Let's throw," I said. I was ready to do it. Abai was ready as well. I wrote to the guy [nickname cut out], who asked if we were ready. I said that I needed to ask my teammates as I won't do it on my own. Fitch said: "I don't mind. I need money." Maga [illegible]. Then I asked you. You said, "I'm against that."
Fitch: Actually, we wanted to throw against 8-BIT. We played vs Arcade, and we lost. But there was no point in betting [against Arcade] as the odds were too low if we look at the financial side.

TeamSpeak record

5TRYK3R provided the latest statement with two screenshots with these matches odds to point out that fitch was wrong.

Source: Alimqulov's YouTube

The rest of the discussion is about kicking 5TRYK3R because of his attitude and personality. So far, Hobbit was silent during this team talk but presented in the lobby. This is almost the end of quite a heated debate that ends with 5TRYK3R saying goodbye to the team.

Fitch: Abai, for example, is not ready to play with you. The moral factor doesn't allow him to say it in your face.
Hobbit: He knows my attitude towards the team. He knows everything pretty well.
5TRYK3R: You had that "human relationship" in terms of money [reminds of mind-fixing incident]. Maga allowed himself to be rude [to 5TRYK3R].
Fitch: Abai absolutely doesn't want to play with you, and I think it's fair. I'm saying this because we will soon get an org. <...>

Hobbit wants to postpone the talk cause he feels angry and wants to have a cool head, but Maga says they need to deal with this case.

Hobbit: I don't want to look like I'm the one deciding on the team. You can kick me as well, I don't mind. These IRL relationships, the friendship, you can't ignore it, 5TRYK3R, it's wrong. We all must be like brothers. And you… I don't support you here, it's one of the main reasons for what's happening. You can tell someone to f**k off and keep playing the next day, it's normal for you. But that person doesn't feel normal.

TeamSpeak record
Bet your flat on GameplayDNA. Win another. Eazy. Source: 5TRYK3R's twitter

Additional notes: Almost all of the time, there was a sixth man in the lobby under the nickname "Mayfield". This probably was Yogun Kim, the future CEO of AVANGAR. At the very beginning, there's also Dastan, ex-AVANGAR, and current's coach. He disconnected before any match-fixing mentions.

The mentioned demos of the CIS qualifier for MLG Columbus Minor reveal several basic misplays and missed opportunities that may be considered thrown in Rustam's opinion. Several times the bomb was left unguarded, and in one case, Hobbit didn't plant the bomb when there was seemingly nothing to stop him. The third demo isn't to reveal the mistakes but to compare their standard pistol rounds buys.


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