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RuFire: "m0NESY had pracs with FalleN and coldzera when he was 14 — he was annihilating them on Vertigo" Exclusive Prodigy ex-captain Alexey "RuFire" Burakov talked with us about his first experiences with Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov. They played together in NewBALLS when Ilya was only 14 years old. Burakov is known for being one of the best talent scouts in Eastern Europe: he found Jerry, Ax1le, m0NESY.

[Favorite story about m0NESY?]

We went out for runs during the bootcamp. So, we were running down the street in the early morning, and a little girl was walking around. And then she turns sharply and sees Ilya, who runs headlong after her. The girl starts yelling "Help!" It was super scary! He scared a girl on a run.

We eventually ran past, and she busted into tears. The girl was very young, even barely able to speak. We didn't want to scare her.

Alexey "RuFire" Burakov
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[How m0NESY played when he was 14?]

Literally, after the first day of his try-out, it was clear that the guy is incredibly talented: he gives all his best to the team and gives great info. All he needed at that time was the team experience, which he received. A month later, we already had pracs with FalleN and coldzera — even then he was annihilating them on Vertigo.

He made the right choice moving to G2 from NAVI. At that moment G2 was the top-2 in the world. The best option. When the rumors first appeared, I wrote to him: “Ilya, you need to go to G2,” and he’s like, “OK!” And he confirmed that after the G2 offer, he did not look at other offers. He instantly agreed.

Alexey "RuFire" Burakov

[What about him going to NAVI main roster instead of G2?]

I wouldn't want to see him there at all, I can't imagine how he would have developed there. He was at the academy for a super long time, everyone there told him that he will soon become the sixth player. Then they took B1T as a substitution for flamie. At this point it was obvious that there was no place for Ilya.

In G2, he is a sniper, the center of all the media attention. He will get a cool experience on the international stage and a big boost in the media value. If he had a choice between NAVI main roster and G2, I would have chosen the latter. I think he would have done the same.

I am sure that m0NESY only wanted to play as an AWPer. Play in NAVI on any other role? It's not interesting for him. Play sniper instead of s1mple? Is that even NAVI at this point? And m0NESY in a different role, even in a duet with s1mple, is a completely different story as well.

Alexey "RuFire" Burakov
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