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Ex-forZe coach promises to reveal the "whole truth" on his former team with Hobbit, discloses colleague's stream sniping attempt

Former forZe coach Rustam "5TRYK3R" Alimqulov revealed that he has been diagnosed with severe disease. He didn't specify what it is but this fact supposedly left him in a deep concern about his health. In the following series of posts, he promised to reveal "the truth" about his former team PARTY with Hobbit, and lashed out at forZe, demanding to repay the debt and hinting at stream sniping attempt by the team's ex-coach Little.

Good day. This is a post about health, career, and life.

The tests came, doctors gave me a serious diagnosis. I will fight to the end and try to win this struggle. I really miss CSGO and my work, I haven't played/trained for more than a month. For now, I will focus on health.

I finished my player career In 2016 due to certain events. After six years, it still burdens me, and from time to time, it becomes really tiresome. My illness can lead to various results, so I want to put my moral state in order by telling the whole truth about the former PARTY team to continue living with peace of mind. Good health to you!

Rustam "5TRYK3R" Alimqulov

Shortly after this message, 5TRYK3R posted a series of PARTY rounds analysis videos, naming them "Fixing my moral state". They left his audience guessing. In one of the comments sections, he promised to explain everything in the upcoming days.

— What is that about?
— You will understand in the next few days
Source: 5TRYK3R's VK

His voiceover explanations on these demos don't reveal much. One of the videos shows his team's weird spread-out attack on Dust 2 with the bomb left at CT-spawn. He pointed out that the team misused their nades and missed the window smoke. These matches happened at StarLadder Minor 2015 online Closed Qualifier. PARTY dropped out of the tournament after losing to Headshot (future Gambit).

Shortly after that, HLTV posted a lengthy article about Jerry's successes as IGL. Rustam felt offended that he has not been credited for his coaching in forZe and went out on Twitter, demanding his mention. He later spoke with the article's author and they settled their argument.

This is when forZe's CEO Sergey "MegioN" Ignatko appeared on Rustam's social media and made a sarcastic comment. Their exchange looked like an old animosity, and by the end of it, Rustam demanded MegioN to pay the coach his debt.

So sad
So, nobody hired you yet? But you're such a great specialist ;)
Debtor, where's my money ($1130)? Your sarcasm has already hurt you. As soon as I'm done with PARTY, your already garbage reputation will be even worse, with all the facts. Alen will f*ck you again as always

Following that message, 5TRYK3R posted a screenshot of his conversation with Anatoliy "liTTle" Yashin. He tagged MegioN, asking "Are you sure that tomorrow's match will happen?" Seems like Rustam was hinting at forZe's major upcoming games. His screenshot shows something that may be considered a stream sniping attempt by liTTle.

5TRYK3R: nuke/inferno/train/dust2/mirage vs Windigo positions
liTTle: Ugh. Is this for tomorrow? Hello :)
5TRYK3R: Hello. This is [cut]
liTTle: Look, here's the thing. We can easily win [cut]. The broadcast is live [no delay] so I can type you the positions [or overview] in Steam
5TRYK3R: This is a dangerous thing to do, that's why I won't. Will try to f*ck them on our own :)

Maincast talent Fedor "Kvan" Zakharov asked to clarify if there was something dishonest going on, but Rustam didn't respond. Instead, liTTle appeared in the thread, giving his POV of the situation. He admitted that his idea was "not the best", but he didn't do anything in the end.

— As I get it, this is a screenshot from 2018, where liTTle suggests using a spectator/GOTV zero-delay stream to provide his teammates (including 5TRYK3R) with information on the opponent's positions? Or what?
I summon an explanation squad.
— 5TRYK3R was coaching forZe while I was the analyst. I was always giving my suggestions before and during the match on what to do. As I had an option to watch a few seconds earlier than common viewers, I had such an idea. It's probably not a very good one, but I didn't commit anything in the end.

5TRYK3R was forZe's coach from the end of 2017 to the mid of 2019. Under his coaching the team went from 60ish positions in HLTV rankings to the top tier, peaking at 12th place by the end of 2019 shortly after his departure.

We, at Escorenews, want to express our support to Rustam and wish him to deal with his illness and came back healthy.

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