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Two Russian coaches caught using flying camera bug at the same event

The participants of CS:GO ESEA EU Spring Cash Cup #4 discovered two Russian coaches using the flying camera bug at the event. They were 1shot's Nikita "LostDF" Babalykov and s0undwave- from BIT eSports. The investigation was covered by MrTrelog from 10AVG.

At the beginning of their games, both coaches were reconnecting to activate the error. They could fly across the map, looking at the location of their opponents.

Interestingly enough, the investigation started with s0undwave- accusing his colleague of bug abuse. After reviewing the demos, it turned out that he abused the error himself in some matches.

Both coaches used the bug in numerous games. The glitch seems to be always triggering after the knife round, giving a coach the ability to fly around and explore his rivals' positions. Tournament participants who investigated the case reported their findings to ESEA.

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Russian insider Alexei "OverDrive" Biryukov highlighted this situation on Twitter. He contrasted this case with ESIC's investigation, which has been going on for more than a year and a half.

Coach bug was reportedly removed by Valve after the first reports by ex-ESL judge Michal Slowinski, who was investigating the case. Despite that claim, it appeared several times. For example, GORILLAZ coach LMBT spotted the bug twice.


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