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NeL: ISSAA will switch to Valorant Rumors

Issa "ISSAA" Murad will switch from CS:GO to Valorant, according to the report from French insider neL. Jordanian player will be competing in one of the regional teams at the tournament VRL MENA Resilience.

The online event is set to start on May 10. It's unclear who Murad will play for. YaLLa Esports is the only participant without a full roster at the moment of publishing. ISSAA's last team in CS:GO was Eternal Fire. Squad didn't qualify to big tournaments, and in October 2021 Murad left the team.

ForZe was very close to missing the Major because of visa issues

Earlier neL reported that CS:GO legend Kenny "KennyS" Schrub might switch to Valorant. Later it was revealed that he really wanted to compete for OG, but Riot Games forbid him to do it because of "contractual reasons".





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