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ForZe was very close to missing the Major because of visa issues

ForZe almost missed PGL Major Antwerp 2022 due to the problem with visas. Team manager Dmitry Veko told a story how players managed to get their documents in time on his VK page.

The issue was that Belgian MFA approved our visa request, but the consulate in Russia is on holidays until May 11. It can't print in the visas and give us our passports before that date. And that's basically all, the Major is over for you. But if you fight until the end, even when everyone is saying that there is no chance, you might get what you want. <...>

I don't know what miracle it was, but I started looking for contacts of Belgian consuls all around the world. I was hoping that they are familiar with the Russian consul, and might ask him to help us in this difficult situation. In the end, after long search and calls, I got the contact of a person working in the First European department. After another retelling of our story and plea for help he said that he will try to help us, but won't promise anything.

Yesterday he called us, asked for a number of our applications in visa center. Right after that Consulate General of Belgium called and told us that we can get our passports with visas.

ForZe manager Dmitry Veko

ForZe qualified to the Major through RMR tournament after beating GamerLegion, OG and SAW. The team will start the event on May 9 as a Challenger status.


PGL Major Antwerp 2022 PGL Major Antwerp 2022

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