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PGL bans three coaches from PGL Major Antwerp following ESIC charges

ESIC sanctioned Sergey "Hally" Shavayev (Team Spirit), Rafael "Zakk" Fernandes (9z), and Luis "peacemaker" Tadeu (Imperial) for coach camera bug abuse. Two out of three bans were revealed earlier by their organizations.

They will be blocked from ESIC partnered events for the time of the investigation process. This period will be deducted from the final ban time.

ESIC charged only 3 out of almost 100 suspects, whose cases will be finalized later. This provision ban applies only to those participating in the major. However, ESIC specified that Valve and PGL are not the commission’s partners, and their decisions will be made at their discretion. By the time of publication, PGL confirmed their ban at the Major.

In order to be abundantly clear, it is important to note that ESIC does not view the outcome of an unfair advantage being achieved as a necessary factor of the threat created by the Spectator Bug Variants. Rather, the mere potential for exploitation and its utilisation by the affected participants created an opportunity for an unfair advantage that should have been immediately rectified.

ESIC announcement

Hally and Zakk received bans for the "static spectator" bug, while peacemaker was sanctioned for using the "free-roam" version. Team Spirit opposed ESIC's decision in a public statement beforehand.

ESIC provisionally bans three unnamed coaches before Antwerp Major, almost 100 to follow

PGL Major Antwerp 2022 PGL Major Antwerp 2022

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