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ESIC banned Team Spirit coach Hally

Team Spirit revealed their coach Sergey "Hally" Shavayev is one of the specialists who will be provisionally banned by ESIC ahead of PGL Major Antwerp 2022. Supposedly, the names of other two will be known later today. The organization released a statement on its social media.

Hally encountered the bug during his work with Espada, in a match against Dracarys in CIS Rising #3. It happened in the first pistol round of bo5 grand final's last map Mirage. Hally's camera was stuck near ramp entrance on T-side. Video shows him rotating observing Espada players attacking the site.

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Team Spirit issued a statement, disagreeing with ESIC's decision to ban the coach. The club questions the severity of the punishment compared to the guilt and potential harm that has been made.

Aside from Hally, two other coaches remain unknown. One of them may be Imperial's peacemaker, who encountered a "free-roam" version of this glitch. Previously, ESIC announced three coaches to be sanctioned before the Major and about a 100 to follow later as they continue the investigation.

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