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ESIC provisionally bans three unnamed coaches before Antwerp Major, almost 100 to follow

ESIC issued bans to three coaches that participate in PGL Major Antwerp 2022 as part of their ongoing investigation. The announcement appeared on ESIC's official website.

The commission revealed almost 100 coaches who have encountered different kinds of bugs. All three unnamed coaches, however, used a "free-roam" type of camera glitch. Because of its nature, "similar to wallhack or maphack", these three coaches received immediate bans while others will be probably sanctioned later.

It is reasonable to assume that a CS:GO professional would hold that the user of such a bug would be equipped with a severe and unfair advantage the like of which could not ever have been attained utilizing the game’s mechanics intended for competitive play.
The Free Roam bug, therefore, resembled the transfer of a benefit akin to that of a maphack, wallhack, or another cheat.

ESIC official statement
PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Pick'Em: Сhallengers Stage

ESIC investigation summary

  • Static camera bug: 47 coaches encountered this version. With the previous 37 bans, this number is about to reach 84 sanctioned coaches. Overall, this bug was triggered in 1,311 rounds of 98 matches.
  • Free-Roam camera bug: 3 coaches encountered this. Because of its seriousness, ESIC used the sanction Matrix applied for cheating offenses.
  • 3rd person camera bug: 47 coaches encountered this one. ESIC sees it as the least dangerous and has trouble identifying if there was an actual intended integrity violation. These “low-risk" cases happened only on FACEIT and Gamers Club servers.

One of the coaches who met the "free-roam" bug was former Cloud9 coach valens, although he doesn’t participate in the Major. Another obvious candidate is the Imperial’s coach peacemaker.

2022 Antwerp Major is set to start on May 9. Tournament operator PGL is not an official ESIC partner and hasn’t issued any statement on the matter. Valve will probably join the ESIC decision as it did after the initial 2020 investigation on the bug, although it took them about four months.

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PGL Major Antwerp 2022 PGL Major Antwerp 2022

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