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Ex-CEO of HellRaisers: Organizations earn $150-300k from the team stickers Rumors

Former HellRaisers CEO Oleksii "Magician" Slabukhin revealed the clubs' earnings from team stickers in CS:GO. He evaluated this source of income from a single Major to be around 150k-300k. Magician mentioned these numbers while discussing the fate of Gambit and as the clubs were banned from the RMR for PGL Major Antwerp 2022.

Suspension from the EPL isn't as scary for the clubs as banning them from Major. It's all about the stickers. The transfer market is dead, so the organizations are investing in CS:GO for the stickers. Top teams also get the franchise royalty money. To clear things out, the average income from stickers varies from $150k to $300k for a Major.

This number might change depending on the popularity of the club. One way or another, players will receive money from the personal stickers, while VP and Gambit will be left without org ones. Most organizations take 70-100% of the money from it, so this Major will result in a loss for both VP and Gambit.

Oleksii "Magician" Slabukhin
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When Magician mentions "death" of the transfer market, he doesn't mean the current restrictions on the clubs from Russia. He started saying that the Eastern European market is dead during the pandemic, because everyone were trying to sign young and unknown players. A lot of people disagreed with him — for example, the manager of Team Spirit, TI10 winners. Interestingly enough, before that, the ex-CEO believed that the local transfer market was richer than the European one. and Gambit players are allowed to participate in the RMR and the Major in neutral status. This means they can't show organizations' sponsors. Slabukhin expects both clubs to sell their rosters in the near future.

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PGL Major Antwerp 2022 PGL Major Antwerp 2022


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