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NAVI won BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2021 over Vitality

Natus Vincere won BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2021 over Team Vitality in a 2:1 decider series. This win was the third LAN tournament victory in a row for the CIS team.

The grand finals started on Mirage, where NAVI took an early lead and closed the map 16-12. The second map was the NAVI's map pick, where they had a 20-map win streak. But the French powerhouse managed to respond in style, break their streak and take the win 16-6. All came down to the decider map, Inferno. The CIS team demolished the opposition on CT side 12-3 and easily closed the map.

S1mple got the title of the MVP of the tournament. He played the grand finals with 76 kills and just 46 deaths. CIS sniper was also the best player of the tournament in kills and damage per round.

Natus Vincere has won $225,000 for their first place, and Vitality got $85,000. Both teams got the BLAST Premier World Final invites before the grand finals.



BLAST Fall Finals 2021 BLAST Fall Finals 2021



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