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NAVI win ESL Pro League Season 14

Natus Vincere won the 14th season of ESL Pro League, following a 3:2 victory in the grand finals versus Team Vitality. This win concludes the third season of the Intel Grand Slam, with NAVI notching their fourth event victory to take home the $1 million prize.

A decider map (Mirage) was the closest map of this match. NAVI`s solid 5 to 1 start led to a 10-5 halftime. Although s1mple missing a bomb plant by a close margin was an important moment, giving Vitality time to regroup. They slowly grinded their way back to a 14 to 15 deficit, only to lose to the play of the game: a triple kill by s1mple.

Taking Na’Vi to five maps in the grand finals is the best result for Team Vitality over this season. Such form could help them to get a top finish at IEM Fall and propel the team into Legends status for Stockholm. NAVI already sit at the top of the rankings in CIS and seek to secure that spot at their own IEM Fall event. Both events start on September, 29.


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