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S1mple renewed aces on LAN world record and showed his best performance at a single event

Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev set his new personal record. He ended IEM Cologne with the best rating 2.0 in his entire career. With 1.51 in 14 maps, he stays in top-5 only behind ZyWOo at Epicenter 2019 (1.52), rain at ESL One New York 2017 (1.61), f0rest at Copenhagen Games 2013 (1.61), and NiKo at ESL One New York (1.70).

S1mple also set a new world record. He became the first player to make four aces at a single big LAN event. The last one he made on Inferno in the grand final versus G2.

It is to be reminded that s1mple also got his MVP title at the last LAN event before 'the online era' has started. He helped NAVI to win IEM Katowice 2020. Cologne's MVP title is s1mple's fourth this year so far, and he is way ahead of any other player in this term as Hobbit and Ax1le from Gambit hold two each.


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