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HenryG: “We don't have the most expensive wages in CS:GO”

Cloud9's general manager Henry “HenryG” Greer stated that their players are not the highest paid in the pro-scene. He reminded that he personally made the decision to publish the costs of the roster to form a more favorable business climate in the competitive CS:GO.

I still don't really understand this narrative that we're somehow villains for compensating our players handsomely.

The only reason you all know the figures you remind me of daily is because we're trying to create a better playing field for professional players in CS:GO.

And you wonder why other Orgs/GM's won't be transparent about their figures plans for the future?

I can only promise you that we don't have the most expensive wages in CS:GO by a long shot. We're literally the only team you know the salaries of.

Henry “HenryG” Greer

Since HenryG’s move from casting into a management role at C9, he has aimed to shake-up the nature of esports transfer deals. In each of the signings, Greer has confirmed the length of the player’s contract, and it is total value over that period.


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