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Thorin: “Before MIBR came along, NAVI-2010 were the habitual line-steppers”

Dunkan “Thorin” Shields told that in CS 1.6 NAVI were the biggest rats in the 1.6 scene. According to him, the roster with ceh9 and others was notorious for their toxic behavior during lots of tournaments.

Before MIBR came along, NAVI-2010 were the habitual line-steppers. I'll tell you a story back when Arbalet circuit run. Remember that Arbalet was literally the person who founded NAVI. So I heard that when they had Dallas Arbalet Cup... There were NAVI against mousesports in the finals... So I heard there was a match where the time was set on 9:00 and NAVI guys were only plugging in at 9:15. Eventually, admins came along and said: “Look, you`re already past the time. We`re going to disqualify you if you`re not ready in 5 minutes”.

And I`m not exaggerating - a NAVI player basically turned to the admin and said: “I`ll just call Arbalet and have this whole tournament shut down right now if you said another thing”. So the admin just had to walk away. It was in the day before social media was a big thing - the admin can`t do anything. Naturally, he was afraid of being fired. These guys, NAVI 2010, were nuts.

Dunkan “Thorin” Shields

Earlier Shields explained why Olexander “s1mple” Kostyliev is the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player in the world. He noted that s1mple's worst year might be the maximum point in the career of any other player.

Thorin: «S1mple is the G.O.A.T. and fantastic example to young players of the mentality you require to dominate»

Na'Vi 2010 Na'Vi 2010

Thorin Thorin

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