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S1mple defends ZywOo after Vitality`s awfull performance Interview

Oleksandr «s1mple» Kostyliev defends Mathieu «ZywOo» Herbaut after the Vitality star made his worst performance in CS history at BLAST Premier Spring 2021, achieving only 2-17 on Overpass in 0-2 loss against Complexity.

If you see dev1ce or ZywOo, you don’t get to trash talk them, because as you saw, I had the worst game of my career as well [against Vitality in 2019]. It’s not because I played bad, it’s because my team played bad.

If some of us great players play bad, it doesn’t mean we’re going to keep playing bad. You don’t need to hate us. The only bad thing can happen [when] some of these players [have a] bad map is losing confidence for the next map, but they’re actually great players. They always come back.

Like me or ZywOo or dev1ce or Electronic or any other player, all of us can…show something new for you and each other, and that’s what we need to respect because all of us do a great job of showing some great performances.

That’s the most important; when you play with [stability], with confidence, at a great level ⁠— that’s what I respect the most.

Oleksandr «s1mple» Kostyliev

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