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Junior to debut for FURIA at IEM Katowice

Paytyn «junior» Johnson will make his first appearance for FURIA in the main tournament of IEM Katowice as the team's coach, Nicholas «guerri» Nogueira, confirmed it on in an interview with Brasil media.

Johnson was signed from Triumph a month ago but didn`t compete at BLAST Premier Global Final and cs_summit 7 due to passport issues. Lucas «honda» Cano substituted him in both competitions. But Junior practiced with FURIA while he was still in North America.

Things are going well, better than I expected. Everyone is getting out of their comfort zone. We renamed every spot on every map. It's an ongoing process. It's a step back, there are a lot of things happening. We are switching a player, we are using a new language to communicate, one that is not our native language.

Sometimes, we tell junior something and he doesn't understand or he speaks too fast and we don't understand. We're still adapting. I'm very happy, everyone is excited, everyone is studying and putting in the effort.

Nicholas «guerri» Nogueira

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