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Vitality coach benches apEX due to «several factors»

Dan «apEX» Madesclaire retires for a while according to Vitality. The captain will be sitting out of the remaining BLAST Premier Spring Groups and potentially more.

Rémy «XTQZZZ» Quoniam, the team’s head coach, explained that there are several factors for this decision including «early season announcements and unjustified accusations have been difficult to take, in addition to the current health context, which is still a burden for us as it is for all of you».

Such an announcement may come as a surprise as the season has only just begun, but the efforts made over many years, the ongoing global pandemic, and the hazards of personal life are all factors that cause difficulties to arise at any time in an athlete's career

Rémy «XTQZZZ» Quoniam

Vitality was fined $10,000 by the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) after the ream had played against Liquid and Complexity with the stream playing in the background. According to the commission's report, there is no evidence to suggest that the players gained any advantage or cheated during these matches, and that the stream was on because of a «negligent error of unrelated Vitality staff».



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