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Who holds 1st place in the world in new CS2 Premier matchmaking? Best players by CS2 ranking of World, EU, NA, and other regions

It's been two weeks since Valve launched Premier mode matchmaking with world and regional leaderboards. Over 500,000 players have reportedly got their ranks after the calibration. Now, the dust has started to settle, and we can see who has the most points and leads these charts. Let's have a look.

Note that these ranks can shift every minute as players continue to compete, win and lose Elo points.

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Top 10 best World CS2 players by Valve's Elo ranking

The world's top ten has no European representatives, which makes sense. EU is the most competitive region, so it's hard to put out the insane over 90% winrates you can see below. Most of the players are from Asia, and beta testers report possible unfair play. For example, no-names RUSTIC and VeNoM might have climbed that high with the help of a cheater.

The only big name in this chart is Evil Geniuses' inactive player Vincent "Brehze" Cayonte. First place is being held by a retired pro Leslie "Bobosaur" Soen from Singapore, with an astonishing 98% winrate, 143 victories and 35,427 Elo points. The Asian region is probably the weakest in CS, especially when China is excluded. That's the most likely reason for a professional player to dominate the charts in a very shallow pool of good players.

World leaderboard on September 14, 11:00 CEST
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Top 10 best CS2 players by Valve's Elo ranking in Europe, NA, SA, and other regions

1st place in Europe is held by Puigzin, a semi-pro from Portugal. He only played a couple of tier 3-4 tournaments and never achieved much. The second belongs to former EG player Cerq. There are a lot of Eastern European pros in the Top 10, such as Flarich, JIaYm, and ProbLeM.

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NA's best player is Tweaky, who last played for TT TEAM. In SA, the first place is being held by NotJuanjo, another semi-professional. Africa's best is Chappy from Royalty, and in Australia, the 1st position is occupied by p00chy, the last time he played with SWMG.

Even though most of them are amateurs and semi-pros. It's nice to see that all the mentioned players have at least once competed in the official matches.


September 14, 11:00 CEST

North America

September 14, 11:00 CEST

South America

September 14, 11:00 CEST
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September 14, 11:00 CEST


September 14, 11:00 CEST


September 14, 11:00 CEST


Most likely, the issue with China is that there is no beta test leaderboard in this region at all. September 14, 11:00 CEST
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Brehze Brehze

CeRq CeRq





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