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Will CS2 ranks reset after release date? Will you keep Elo points after CS2 launch?

The addition of CS2 rating with world leaderboards raised many new questions among its player base. The system is already up and running, with over 500k calibrated players climbing the ladders. But there's uncertainty about the results being transferred to CS2 from beta after the release.

Will ranks and earned CS Rating Elo points be kept in CS2?

CS2 is still in beta, so it's reasonable to assume the CS Rating is also being tested. But what if the ranks will reset and all the efforts are nullified? At the end of the day, nobody wants to compete for nothing, and some would prefer to wait for the proper launch to start playing.

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At first glance, nothing speaks in favor of a possible points wipe. However, there's some little detail that indicates it might happen. In the Above Global announcement video, Valve mentions seasonal leaderboards.

The CS2 rating world leaderboard charts are also currently marked as Beta Season.

How would seasons work in CS2, and how do they affect ranks and Elo points?

There's almost no information about seasonal structure. Since the ranking is constantly changing, the obvious question is, what marks the end of a season? And the best guess is rank reset and recalibration, and it's a common practice in other esports-oriented games. Valve's Dota 2 is no different: The enforced recalibration happens twice per year.

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Based on Dota 2, we can assume it would be a similar case in CS2. The ranks will be reset once in a while before the new recalibration. How much will you shift in position? In Dota, you get more points for a loss or a win, but you can't get too far from your previous rank. But nobody guarantees the system will work the same.

There will be some kind of reward at the end of the season. Dataminers previously found mentions of seasonal medals for CS2. These things might be stored in your inventory to remind you of the progress you've made over the years.

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