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How to make AWP no-scope crosshair in CS2. How use AWP crosshair in CS2 with console

AWP is one of the most iconic weapons in CS2. But the one-shot hand cannon has a significant disadvantage. it doesn't show crosshair when firing without scope. In this article, we will show you a trick on how to make it by yourself.

How to create an AWP crosshair in CS2 using Sream overlay

To make sights for the AWP, you can use the notes. This feature is provided in the Steam client.

  • Launch CS2 2 and aim with the scoped AWP
  • Open Steam Overlay (default Shift+Tab)
  • Select notes (pencil icon in the bottom menu)
  • Write any symbol that will serve as an improvised crosshair. For example, <+>.
  • Zoom out the notes window to match your symbol with the AWP crosshair.
  • Pin the window to the game (pin on top) and set the window opacity to 20%.
  • Exit the overlay by clicking on the cross in the upper right corner. The window with the hand-made crosshair should remain on the screen.
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How to create AWP crosshair via console in CS2

In CS:GO, this trick was possible thanks to a bug that outlined a rectangle on the screen when moving the console command outside the window. The developers removed this feature in CS2c, so you won’t be able to aim at the AWP via the console.

How to make thick crosshair lines in CS2

You can make the crosshair on the AWP thicker using the cl_crosshair_sniper_width X command in the developer console. By default, X is set to 1. To increase its visibility, type any value from 2 to 500.

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The screenshot below shows the difference between the default crosshair (left) and the crosshair with the cl_crosshair_sniper_width 3 command applied (right).

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