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How to fix FPS stutters and lags in CS2. Removing constant FPS drops in Counter-Strike 2

CS2 limited beta players often experience stutters in the game. The small FPS drops happen way too frequently on some rigs, spoiling the gameplay process. CS2 enthusiast Poggu shared the source of their nature and a way to fix the issue. It's not perfect, but there's no better solution right now.

How to fix low FPS spikes and stutters in CS2

Apparently, it's Valve's anti-cheat system that causes the issue. You can disable its work by running a specific launch command: -insecure. The bad thing is you will be unable to join official matchmaking of any type. But at least you can run private servers and play with friends or test things and practice custom maps.

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However, a few users who tried this solution reported that the stutters had gone after one launch, so they could still join matchmaking. We cannot guarantee it will work for you.

How to launch CS2 without VAC. How to disable anti-cheat in CS2

  • Go to Steam and right-click on CS2. Choose Properties -> General -> Launch options.
  • Type "-insecure" in the field below. Run or restart the game.

Update, September 11: Poggu discovered that the spikes are most likely caused by a bug and should be an easy fix for Valve.

CS2 stutters with VAC. Source: Poggu on Twitter
CS2 FPS graph without VAC. Source: Poggu on Twitter

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