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CS2 vs CS:GO weapon stats difference: recoil, spray pattern, accuracy. How guns changed in CS2?

More and more players got into CS2 Limited Beta test. And many of them have the same question. Did Valve change the way guns work in the new game compared to CS:GO or not? If so, what are the adjustments, and how do the new weapons behave? Let's find out.

Why CS2 guns spray and recoil feel different from CS:GO

Players certainly feel something's off about the shooting, but is it actually any different? There are multiple videos on the web, showing that the spray patterns of the weapons seemingly haven't changed. One recent Reddit observation made it clear that the AK-47 spray works exactly the same. He disabled Spread (slight random inaccuracy) and slowed down the video. Here's the result:

Players feel gunplay is different, most likely due to the new engine, subtick servers, and tracers. All these factors can affect your perspective of a weapon spray and control. There are also bugs and other technical issues like stutters, but there's no indication that guns have been significantly changed.

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Running inaccuracy in CS2

CS analyst Jacob "Pimp" Winneche has spotted what he thought was decreased running inaccuracy. He shot some bots with CZ-75 while running holding W and not counter-strafing. While this experiment looked impressive, Reddit user JustVinny__ proved him wrong. He recreated the same scene in CS:GO. And the results were the same, making another argument towards gun behavior remaining mostly untouched. And Pimp later deleted the tweet.

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