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What's new in CS2 matchmaking? How new ranking system works with CS rating and world leaderboards in CS2

On the night of September 1, Valve released an update for CS2. Inferno appeared in the beta version, as well as an updated ranking system (CS Rating). The developers also changed the number of rounds in a match and launched another wave of invitations to limited beta testing.

New CS2 matchmaking features

  • CS Rating for Premier Mode, which becomes the main competitive regime
  • Matchmaking will have two seasons with recalibration. Most likely two per year
  • In case of disconnect of one player from the team, one "yes" vote is enough to surrender
  • World leaderboard and advanced statistics
  • Matchmaking ranks will be different depending on the maps

CS Rating: How do ranks work in CS2, and what about the Elo rating?

The updated rating will only be in Prime mode. In essence, this is a remake of the Elo rating with FACEIT. Data miner Aquarius shares shed some light on it, saying this would be individual Elo that is used only in Premier mode. The overall range is from 0.00 to 35.00, each step of 5.00 has its own color, similar to skin quality colors.

Judging by the video from Valve, the rating will be calculated down to thousandths. It will have regional leaderboards like the ones already existing in Dota and advanced stats. Regions: Africa, Asia, China, Australia, Europe, North, and South America.

The premier mode aims to replace FACEIT, bringing more professional experience to your matchmaking. There are 20-second pauses between rounds and four timeouts of 30 seconds each.

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Will the ranks change in CS2

No, the ranks will remain the same, from Silver to Global Elite. However, they are now tied to the maps to address the "Vertiglobal" issue. Previously, many players played only the very unpopular maps to get to Global. From now on, you can be Golden Nova on Mirage and Legendary Eagle on Nuke.

New Surrendering system

According to Aquarius, you only need one person to surrender the match when someone disconnects. Assumingly, after you wait for his status to become "Abandoned," of course. Previously, a single player could disagree with this, forcing others to keep playing.

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