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Legends Stage Pick'Em Challenge predictions made by pro-players, analysts, and insiders for BLAST Paris Major 2023

BLAST Paris Major 2023 enters its Legends Stage. As always, Viewer Pass owners are allowed to make their Pick'Ems. If done correctly, they will upgrade your Event Coin to Diamond, which can be redeemed for Souvenir Packages.

To get the most out of it, you need to predict some of each stage's outcomes. In Legends, you can pick nine teams, including those who will end up 3-0 or 0-3. To get your coin upgraded, you must guess five of those correctly. Valve will close Pick'Ems on May 13, 10:00 AM CEST, however, during the Challengers Stage, they forgot to do it in time.

BLAST Paris Major 2023 Legends Stage Pick'Ems

Many community figures, former pros, analysts and casters made and published their Pick'Ems. We gathered some of those in this article for you to make the best choice. Note that some of the following can be skewed towards their favorite team.

David "n0rb3r7" Daniyelyan from

Analyst Jakob "Pimp" Winneche

Every player signature autograph sticker from BLAST Paris Major 2023 capsules
Last Major player stickers. Are you ready?

FaZe Clan's analyst Vyacheslav "innersh1ne" Britvin

Team Spirit's Robert "Patsi" Isyanov

Owen "smooya" Butterfield

Former pro and caster Arsenij "ceh9" Trynozhenko

Analyst Alex "Mauisnake" Ellenberg

Caster and analyst Mohan "Launders" Govindasamy

Streamer and semi-pro Nikola "Lobanjica" Mijomanovic

Team Spirit analyst and insider Aleksey "OverDrive" Biryukov

Bonus: ChatGPT pick'em

Thorin: "K0nfig went straight to the same club where he got kicked in the face in Malta, with massive pints of beer"
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