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Jame: "I'd forbid using notes that players put in front of them at the events. I want these stratbooks to be only used by coaches in time-outs" Interview (Outsiders) captain Dzhami "Jame" Ali shared his thoughts on the evolution of CS:GO, explained why he is always calm, commented on Jame Time meme transformation, and revealed that he hates the free usage of strat books at the events. He spoke about these topics with

On adaptation and changing style

I remember, there were times when teams didn't prepare and just played their game. There was no such thing as preparation for the specific opponent. There was no need to change or rebuild your game. The final loss [in Berlin] made me explore the game more, evolve in my understanding of CS:GO theory, and expand my tactic pool and variability.

Three years later, it worked in our favor, because during the tournament other people didn't change their game, they believed in things that worked for them before. And I felt that we could play any kind of CS:GO to win a specific match at this event.

Dzhami "Jame" Ali

On Brazilian fans

Brazilians are extraordinary, open, positive, and emotional people, and they love the game so much. It's not that they are loud, but they start to shine when they see you. They want autographs, regardless of age or gender. There were people in their 50s who approached me to take a photo, not a single person but tens of them. Kids and women too, of various ages.

They kinda loved me there, I guess. Whenever I went, fans started chanting my name, as we were at a football stadium. They turned it into some kind of rock concert. I felt like a rock star, walking and causing a disruption around me in hotels, lifts, and the airport.

Dzhami "Jame" Ali
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"Boring like Khabib"

People think we are boring because they are not deep enough into CS:GO. It's like watching Khabib Nurmagomedov: everyone criticizes him for his wrestling style. But even I, who have absolutely no idea about this, watch his fights and try to draw parallels with CS:GO. I really like this style — not very spectacular, but I understand that any movement or action is very important and absolutely affects everything else.

Dzhami "Jame" Ali

On his calm attitude

I'm calm in general. I think that's because of my inner composure. I can be nervous playing scrims, but when it's an official match, you realize that you've already done everything you could to win, and now all you need is to press the keys and do your job. You cannot spend these seconds getting up, shouting, taking off headphones, or waving your hands. For me, wasted time equals a loss of energy.

You never know how long the match will last. It might get a 30-minute pause, like in the final, and your energy is limited. You can talk, joke around, play with the crowd and get them going, or you can just sit and save energy, because you never know what's ahead of you.

Dzhami "Jame" Ali
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Stratbooks should not be available during matches

I'd remove the option to use these notes that players put in front of them at the events. It's unfair and unjust. I want these stratbooks to be held by coaches, to use them during the time-outs. People simply do what these sheets say and do not bother remembering stuff.

Previously, people played without these notes. There was only a player, his mouse, and a keyboard. It was more fair. We don't have such things in football or chess, for example. It's like when you have a cheat sheet at an exam. This is wrong. If you're a great player, you should memorize these things.

Even the IGL role fades into the background. You don't need to be a genius captain who must invent things on the fly. You can print 50 rounds of notes to say: "Now we're going to do round N38, open that page." What's the point of an IGL then?

This is the factor that should separate a strong player from the weak. If you can't memorise things, you fall behind the competition.

Dzhami "Jame" Ali
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Jame Time meme change after the win

It's already transforming since the Berlin Major. Everyone were laughing that I'm saving in the past. But then I get to the Major final in Berlin, and the perception changes. A player cannot just reach the final out of nowhere, that means he does something right. These days people save the AWP in a 1v3 on FACEIT. Or in a 1v2, if there's no chance to win. These days, people approach and think differently about CS:GO.

Dzhami "Jame" Ali

Outsiders have won IEM Rio Major 2022, three years after Jame and qikert were demolished by Astralis in the grand final of StarLadder Major Berlin. This time, they were on the dominant side, leaving no chance to Heroic.

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