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Jame's first words after winning the Major was a request to unban his friend, but it wasn't translated. Who is tr3vl?

When Outsiders defeated Heroic in the grand final of IEM Rio Major 2022, even their stone cold captain Dzhami "Jame" Ali couldn't hide his emotions. But when Sjokz and Heccu approached him for a victory interview on scene, his first words weren't about himself or his team. He publicly asked to unban his friend Ilya "tr3vl" Globa, but sadly this part was missed by the English speaking audience. So what's the story here?

[You are a Major winner!] Yep, that's me. Unban tr3vl! I must've said it, we had an old deal. He has a VAC-ban, so he asked me. Thanks everyone, I'll speak more on my YouTube channel. Right now, I have no words. Emotions are getting over me, I barely hold my tears. Thank you, guys. This is an amazing Major. Thanks, Brazil!

Dzhami "Jame" Ali
"Such a great feeling. It's like when you find a good anime," Jame comments on top-1 HLTV, names the titles that helped him win Rio Major

Tr3vl was a part of early Gambit Youngsters squad, the team which later moved to the main Gambit roster, and then to Cloud9. He even participated in the first bootcamp together with nafany and sh1ro. But in the end, Youngsters had to replace Globa, and not because of his performance.

In November 2018, he got VAC-banned. According to the player, it happened because of a skin changer software. During a small online tournament, Gfinity Cup with £200 prize pool, admins spotted on his stream some expensive skins, which he didn't have in-game.

After 3 rounds, an admin came on the server and asked me, "why it looks like you have skins on stream, but use the default ones in the game?" I was like, "This is a skinchanger." And they banned me on that platform. In May 2018, I got an Overwatch ban. I was only using skin changer in scrims, not at the events. Never used it at any tournaments which had an anti-cheat. I adore skins so much, but I never had money to buy them. In October, my old account got banned. I was shocked. My Overwatch ban turned into a VAC one.

Ilya "tr3vl" Globa
HuNter- to m0NESY: "Shut your mouth and watch Jame's POV, brother."

Gambit didn't give up on the player. Sports director Groove "used his connections" and organized a meeting with Valve employees, team manager sweetypotz talked about it in an interview for Escorenews. The team wanted to figure out if there is anything that could be done in this situation.

I enter the room, "Gentlemen, good day." They all got up quickly. Everyone was so polite and respectful as if I was a member of director board. They made it quick: a guy got his phone out, checked at the data, and said, "Sorry, but no. He [tr3vl] definitely used something."

Ilya said he didn't use any cheats but I think (and how he said it himself) it was something like skin changer. For western developers, that is surely a fraud, and it's punished harshly.

Aleksandr "sweetypotz" Shcherbakov, Cloud9 manager

Tr3vl has a lifetime ban that will not be lifted under the updated guidelines like Jamppi's — the Finnish player will be able to compete again in 2023. Even FURIA's drop, who was banned for a skin changer in 2016, had his restriction lifted later.

According to Tr3vl, in his case Valve's verdict was "We couldn't identify what he used, so we cannot unban him under any circumstance." Even if we assume that his part of the story is true, given the company's policy, Jame's request won't change anything. But at least he held his end of the deal before the friend from one of the biggest stages in CS:GO.

Ax1Le is carrying Cloud9 on Rio Major with sh1ro. Did you know he nearly got VAC due to account breach?
Who would have carried Cloud9 then?
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