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"Degster said we didn't give him freedom. But you watch the games and see that he does the same things". Patsi about Rio Major, degster's leave and his public claims

Before the start of the IEM Rio Major 2022 I've talked with Team Spirit's rifler Robert "Patsi" Isyanov. We spoke about PGL Antwerp Major, upcoming Rio Major and degster's leave, which affected the team quite hard.

— After the RMR, you said that Spirit still needs more LAN experience. Have you set a moment when you can say “we are experienced”?

— We are approaching this moment. We can already make upsets and show a high-level gameplay. The main issue is instability. When we deal with it, we can aim at high places.

OverDrive was the one who found you for ESPADA, and he always looks for X-factor in players. For him your X-factor was understanding of the game: at the age of 16, you were moving and thinking like a pro player. Do you agree?

— Yes. I had the makings, and developed even more in Spirit Academy. In ESPADA, I communicated less than I do now. I didn't use 100% of my capabilities. But I also played support there — I didn't need to call a lot.

— You were an IGL at Spirit Academy. How much did that experience improved you?

— Most likely, the club wanted me to develop communication skills, share information more and control the map. When you are the captain, you are following how everyone is playing — and in the future it helped me a lot.

— Would you like to become an IGL at the tier-1 level?

— I had such an opportunity, but at that time I didn't want to. Maybe I'll change my mind in the future.

Source: PGL

— Chopper said that initially Spirit planned to make you the IGL. Did you refuse?

— We came to this decision together. I shared my thoughts with hally, and we decided that it was better to use another format, which we still keep to this day in Spirit.

— At first, Team Spirit tried you out as their sixth player. Was it more difficult than you expected to switch to a new team after ESPADA?

— We played officials almost without prematch analysis, and I tried to play like I did in ESPADA. But Spirit demanded something else from me — as I understand it, that's why it didn't work out. There were a couple of good maps, but that's all. It was clear that I wasn't ready to play in the main squad. At the same time, during pracs, I played OK.

It was difficult to leave for the academy, but it turned out to be the right decision. We talked a lot with Spirit, and in the end I listened to them.

I was the sixth player. This is a system that is not very suitable for CS. In Eastern Europe, this puts a lot of pressure on you: since you are the sixth, you can be replaced on the map at any time. You do not perceive it as healthy competition, on the contrary, it kills you.

Maybe this worked well in the WEU — Vitality with Nivera, for example. But we in EEU can't use it well.

— Valve did not add your new sticker to the game and took the version from Antwerp. Did it upset you?

— A lot, it's a shame! The Brazilian Major, the sticker with the Portuguese "Siuuuu"... But they gave me the old sticker! I still hope that Valve will change it, but it's very unlikely. The developers slightly corrected the appearance of the stickers — either lightened or darkened, I still did not understand — but the drawings themselves are the same. N0rb3r7, qikert, and the guys from 9z were given the old ones. S1n was left without a sticker at all, although FaveN does not play — this is nonsense!

— How do you like the Rio stickers style?

— Team logos are not visible at all on the guns. Only gold stickers are all right, the rest… not super cool.

Honestly, I was so upset about my sticker that I didn't want to open the capsules. Lost all interest. I'm upset by Valve. But later I sold the M4 skin to get the Viewers Pass, and with the rest of the money, I opened a few capsules. Got a golden Broky — well, okay. But I'm still upset about my sticker.

— Did you come up with the sticker idea by yourself?

— Designer helped me, but in the original version I added a caption below: “Muchas gracias aficion”. But it was not allowed. We had to delete it.

The Antwerp sticker I drew on my own, on a piece of paper, back when I qualified for the major with ESPADA. Since the tournament was canceled then, I used the same sticker for Antwerp.

— Someone constantly changes autographs for the Majors, and others use the same sticker — what is closer to you?

— I don't know. I just got bored with the old sticker: it's not a super cool one. When I drew it, I liked it, but a lot of time has passed since that moment. Right now, I like the idea of "​​Siuu" — I will use it for the next Major anyway, and then I'll think about it. If I will still like it, I'll leave it.

I really like that the Brazilians treat me somewhat in a special way: have you seen the advertisement for the Major in the subway? As I was told, the players were chosen by the vote — so I ended up on the posters. I have a lot of followers on Twitter from Brazil: I posted a pick'em without Imperial, and they immediately began to call me “scoundrel” and so on (laughs). I put there 00Nation and FURIA, but FalleN is much bigger there — apparently, I should have put all three of them.

— How important is it for everyone on the team to be on the same vibe?

— Very important! We spend a lot of time with each other, especially after moving to Serbia. When we first arrived, we practically lived together: all in the same hotel, while we were looking for apartments. If you are not on the same vibe, then the atmosphere will be terrible: you will not be able to be in the same place with each other. So the vibe is incredibly important to a team's success.

These days a lot of young guys play FACEIT and very often yell at each other, call other names, stuff like that. This can accumulate and develop into a big conflict where there is no way back. You shouldn't allow stuff like that to happen.

— The semi-finals against FaZe with OTs — was it impossible to fall asleep that night?

— Honestly, no. I was very upset, but there was a feeling of conciliation: we did a good job, and we played the tournament well. We showed the whole world who Team Spirit is. Yes, we could have won the second map, fight for the third, and reach the final. But whatever happened, happened, I didn't dwell on it. There were more positive emotions than negative ones.

— If you go back, would you change something in the preparation of the team or in your approach to the tournament and the semi-finals?

— No, 100%. We got the result, some very small moments decided everything. If we had played better, we could have won. But there is no point in thinking about it, everything went fine. A decent game in the semi-finals against the team that won the Major.

— Between the two majors, Spirit performed without much success is it because of the replacement of the sniper?

— Yes. We already had the game and the structure built up. He left and everything had to be rebuild. Sniper is one of the main roles in CS. He has to talk a lot during the rounds, and offer ideas. And we were slowly rebuilding our game.

— What exactly has changed in team style with w0nderful?

— This is a man who listens to the team much better than Abdul. Degster often had phrases like: "I want to do it my way". Now it's much easier to work. There are no such problems with w0nderful.

It's clear that he is less experienced, he needs to learn. But in terms of human qualities, work is much easier, and much more comfortable.

Source: PGL

— Abdul plays more aggressively, and it feels like Spirit now has a more measured approach to rounds.

— Maybe. In any case, w0nderful listens more. Abdul wanted to fulfill his "I want." There were problems with it all the time. Like, we play the game and ask him to do something the team needed, and we lose. The next day there is a team talk: "Guys, let's play for me, we won't win like that." It was very strange. It certainly did not help our work and did not speed up the process of team development.

— "It was very difficult to explain some things to the previous sniper", your quote. I was surprised by how straight the post-match interview at EPL was.

— I wouldn't say anything about him if he had not started saying untrue things in interviews. If you read them, then there were always very strange statements about us, like: “The old team did not give me the freedom that I want. And in the new team, I do everything I can.” But you watch the games and see that he does the same things.

He said that the team didn't work as hard as he did, but he was the first to leave the practice during the Major. It was another very strange moment. We would have kept this between ourselves if it weren't for so many interviews from him. There were at least five of them where he told a lie, an outright lie.

Maybe it's wrong to do that in public, but I can't leave it like that. Everyone will think that he is very cool, and we are the bad guys.

Degster's hard path to esports: wasn't taken seriously because of age, dodged drugs, proved himself to conservative family
Unknown Abdul.

— In the same interview you noted the difference in the team atmosphere but this was not noticeable in the vlogs from Antwerp. Why is that?

— It's important to say that as a person Abdul is good. In this regard, there were no questions for him: we communicated well, spent a lot of time together. There were problems only with what I've already covered. The atmosphere that everyone saw on the vlogs is true.

It just turned out that we were a little mistaken in him. Everything went a little wrong. He didn't even say goodbye to us — he just left the chat and that's it.

— How big is the role of your psychologist in team results?

— He brings a lot to the game, helps with emotions, builds the atmosphere. It would have been more difficult without him: we are young players, we came to Antwerp with no experience. We could be unsure of ourselves, worried. Thanks to the psychologist, we dodged it.

— In addition to team meetings, Alexander works individually with the players. Did you work with him?

— Yes, I did, but more while I was playing for the Spirit Academy. I was interested in game and emotional moments, not in the personal stuff.

Now I turn to him much less. I have learned to understand myself. But if I will have new problems that I cannot solve on my own, I will definitely seek his advice.

— At the last Major, everyone considered Spirit to be an outsiders — and you yourself admitted that you are comfortable in this status. Now you are unlikely to be underestimated.

— It gives me more confidence. However, we are still not favorites. We will continue to enjoy the game at the main tournament of the year. I don't think there will be any problems.

— Did the return of Hally from the ban gave the team a boost in tactical and moral terms?

— It's much easier to build a game plan when Hally is nearby. It was hard without him. In Antwerp, all team preparations for the match were mainly done by chopper, he was talking with the coach on the phone before the games. This is hard: after all, he then had to retell and explain everything to us, fill his head with this.

Plus, during the game, Hally can call a pause and rebuild the game. He can see better from the side. It's absolutely improved our game.

— What result at the Major will you be satisfied with?

— Making it to the playoffs. And then we'll see: we can gain momentum and whatever will be, will be!

NAVI took last trophy on LAN 130 days ago, G2 — 1040 days ago. But the most unfortunate team in top-30 didn't win a LAN-event in more than 4000 days!
We've counted everything.
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