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NAVI took last trophy on LAN 130 days ago, G2 — 1040 days ago. But the most unfortunate team in top-30 didn't win a LAN-event in more than 4000 days!

September 17 marked 1000 days since the last G2 Esports LAN-event trophy, and soon the figure will break 1100. Astralis is in the same terrible situation: the last time the Danish club won was on December 12, 2019. And how are the other teams from the top of HLTV doing?

We picked the 30 best teams from the HLTV top for October 24. These were the best teams in the world ahead of the first matches of the Rio Major. We also added two squads from Rio: Grayhound and IHC.

IEM Rio Major 2022 Pick'em Challenge. Getting that Diamond Coin together
IEM Rio Major predictions.

First places at RMRs or BLAST groups, as well as BLAST Showdown, are not counted — they all are more like qualifiers, rather than separate competitions. DreamHack is the only exception, a decent prize pool and a rich history means more than the fact that it's also a qualifier for ESL Pro League Conference Stage.

Complexity is the most unfortunate one on the list. The club was created in 2003, the CS roster appeared in 2004. But the organization won the last tournament 4000+ days ago! It was in CS 1.6! That roster included fnx and FalleN, who are going to the Major in Rio with Imperial. Even Complexity's last online win was Spring Sweet Spring 3488 days ago.

Five teams have won only online-events: OG, Eternal Fire, Bad News Eagles, GL, and Fluxo.

IHC has not won any tournaments yet. The Mongolians only took a couple of online qualifiers and two offline qualifiers for the Major: Asian RMRs for Rio and Antwerp.

Obviously, without COVID-19, the chance of getting 1000-day streak without LAN victories would be less for the top teams. But esports went online for a year and a half. 492 days have passed from the IEM Katowice 2020 final to the start of IEM Cologne 2021 — that's how long CS:GO had lived without LAN tournaments.

All stickers from Intel Extreme Masters Rio CS:GO Major 2022
How the stickers from IEM Rio look.

But even taking online tournaments into account, there are several big flops: G2 didn't win a single tournament in the online era. Astralis had three trophies, but all were in 2020. It has been 680 days since their last victory (IEM Global Challenge in December 2020). Team Liquid was more fortunate: the team played in North America, so they won cs_summit 8 and the NA division of EPL Season 11. The club won the last trophy 519 days ago.

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