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WePlay Academy League, August 3 Match Predictions

On Wednesday, August 3, another five matches of WePlay Academy League Season 5 will be held. Who will win in those games, and who is worth betting on?

NAVI Junior — Fnatic Rising Prediction

NAVI have already played many matches this season, which is why they are above Fnatic in the tournament table. Bookmakers treat the Swedish team as a favorite, and Fnatic really have an advantage due to their map pool. With the bans of Dust 2 and Mirage, NAVI barely got maps to give Fnatic a fight.

Forecast: Fnatic Rising victory

BIG Academy — OG Academy Prediction

Both teams feel good at this event, and BIG look really invincible. OG are the only team that can give them a fight, but the German team should dispose themselves to such an important match-up.

Forecast: BIG Academy victory

Apex Rebels — FURIA Academy Prediction

Apex Rebels are the weakest team in Group B. That is why FURIA should easily win the match.

Forecast: FURIA Academy victory

Eternal Fire Academy — Fnatic Rising Prediction

Eternal Fire Academy are doing poorly at the event, and they barely got a chance versus Fnatic. The only thing the Swedish team should do is ban Mirage.

Forecast: Fnatic Rising victory

MOUZ NXT — Spirit Academy Prediction

Mouz are not as strong as they used to be during the first seasons of the league. They are not invincible are more. They decimated Spirit in their previous match, but the Russian team most likely did their homework. The odds on Spirit are too good, so it is worth the risk.

Forecast: Spirit Academy victory

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