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All CS:GO 2022 summer roster shuffles, rumors and transfers: Who will replace Aleksib, what's next for Vitality and more Rumors

We haven't even reached the summer break in CS:GO when the first big news started to arrive about future reshuffles in CS:GO. All because of IEM Cologne 2022 being a major disappointment for top-ten teams. Except for current titans, NAVI and FaZe, none of those made it to the playoffs exposing the fragility of top CS.

G2 Esports headlines the rumor mill. It started with insiders revealing possible Aleksib and XTQZZZ departure, the move that will affect not only G2 but probably many other teams. The org may not be the first on the server but certainly the one when it comes to transfer market activity.

G2 Esports

  • Aleksib replacement. [Basically Confirmed]. The IGL announced he started to explore other options. G2 didn't announce his benching, and maybe the Finn will work for a while before leaving. This is how he did in ENCE in an identical situation.
  • XTQZZZ departure. [Rumor]
  • JaCkz leaving. [Rumor by neL] Frenchman was allowed to look for a new team. Supposedly moves to HEET.
  • TabseN and gob b might join G2. Rumor from Lmbt.
  • OverDrive claims G2 are considering ALEX.
  • Jks and HooXi replacing JACKZ and Aleksib [rumor by neL]
  • Bonus: NiKo and huNter's ex-teammate and Serbian veteran emi became a free agent a day before Aleksib's announcement. Initially, G2 wanted him to become a coach but couldn't afford to buy him from FPX.


FaZe analyst Innersh1ne talks preparation in depth, speaks about working with karrigan and Twistzz's dedication


  • Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov in negotiations [Rumors] NAVI ex-captain destination is still unclear, but there are minor indications that he started negotiations.
  • BoombI4 teased his flight to Europe to create something.
  • Russian Youtuber, who previously shot a big interview with BoombI4, later said Kirill didn't answer his questions on the topic "because negotiations are going in secret."
  • Boombl4 talked to G2 but they didn't agree on terms.


  • Finnish insider nuoriiikka said that Aleksib got offers from Evil Geniuses, Fnatic, and some other organizations.


  • Astralis keeps its roster [confirmed]. Astralis coach trace stated their lineup will remain intact during the summer break.
EliGE explains Liquid's issues with eco rounds and talks his personal preparation for Cologne

Team Liquid

  • YEKINDAR signing [not confirmed] After his standing-in in Cologne, everyone expects Mareks to join Liquid. He received many good words from teammates and expressed the same desire.

Complexity Gaming

Evil Geniuses

  • Stewie2k takes a break from CS:GO, moves to Valorant streaming.
  • Evil Geniuses add NeaLaN and HexT, replacing Stewie2K and RUSH



  • AMANEK joins the team after his G2 Esports contract run out.
B1T: "I want to win more Majors than Astralis. I want to win as much as humanly possible"


G2 G2


Astralis Astralis


Falcons Falcons


gob b gob b

tabseN tabseN



neaLaN neaLaN


Boombl4 Boombl4

sdy sdy

misutaaa misutaaa


Spinx Spinx

HexT HexT

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