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"Of course, I met her after an [escort] call" Boombl4 on his ex-wife ruining his career, drug-addiction and domestic violence allegations Interview

NAVI ex-captain Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov gave an interview to Russian blogger Eugeniy "Rise". He spoke about meeting his ex-wife Lika, their life together, and all problems that his love got him into. We translated the most important parts of it.

It's obvious that I met her after an [escort] call. It was March 2021, right after the IEM Katowice victory [it was won by Gambit, NAVI won in 2020] when I broke up with my first girlfriend. She didn't congratulate me on the victory, and I decided it was the last straw. It happens.

I arrived to, let's say, "relax" a bit. [Rise: did you practice such a relaxation before?] I did, I won't lie. She seemed to me an open person, I've got some kind of affection. I wanted to continue relationships. There was no love, I just liked the person and it was nice to spend time together.


On their constant breakups

Yes, it happened a lot. I think she will write about it a lot. I'll be honest, I broke up with her several times. But more often I wanted her to think about the seriousness of my intentions and other things. My nerves simply could not stand it anymore: a thousand times I tried to explain some things just to realize I didn't want to continue conversation. At the end of these, I was always like: "That's it. I've had enough."

Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov
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Boombl4 spent half a million on his wife

We did not acquire any property during the marriage. [What about the apartments?] We didn't buy anything: it's all fake and random people's guesses. I checked the banking application to see how much I had transferred to her card. Let's just say that 28 million rubles [~$491,000 at the time of writing] were spent on the maintenance of her and her family. It hurts to see.

[How was this money spent?] I don't know. All I know is she likes to go for depilation, epilation, and visit beauticians. I know for a fact that I helped her to close her mortgage, as there was some leftover. But I think that overall the money was spent on regular needs, but I am not sure what they could be. She helped her family, parents, and spent money on her child and clothes. [Do you regret losing the money?] Of course. <...>

[She wrote about a penthouse in Downtown Moscow] It was her dream, she saw an elite penthouse with a terrace on the second floor somewhere. I was joking about it: it cost a huge sum of money. But it spread and became a meme. Of course, it would be cool to buy such an apartment in the ideal world, but [I couldn't afford it].

On the proposal at the Major

We started dating and went together to Mexico. [At some point] we started living together, we moved to our first rented apartment. I was ok with that. The two weeks we were together were f**king great. I won't lie. I moved out of my parents, began my own life with a girlfriend. I liked it a lot.

Before the Major bootcamp everything was awesome. After BLAST Fall Groups 2021, she came and said, "We need to talk, we should break up." I didn't understand what happened: "Let's pretend I didn't hear this, and you won't repeat it again?" I asked her for a reason, but she said nothing. But after a while, I found out it was her mother's decision, who said that we wouldn't get anything good, and we would have sick kids, etc.

That week I was watching Lika's moral state: during the day when I was training with my team, she was visiting the kid at her flat, and in the evening, she was coming back to me. [Did you spend time with her child?] Not so much, but there were days when we went outside together or when I met her parents. We talked about it a lot. I wanted to take responsibility; I was fine with it. I grew up with a stepfather, and I never saw my biological dad. I know what it is like to have a bad stepfather or a good one. I wanted to show an example and be a good one for the boy.

[Were your teammates speaking against the relationship? S1mple said everyone on NAVI did.] It is true.

Before the proposal, we broke up, I moved out, and the Major bootcamp began. I promised her in Mexico, "We will win the Major, and I will propose to you on the stage." It was a man's word, which I kept. We started chatting again in the middle of the event. Closer to the grand-final she began to remind me of my promise: "You are going to propose, don't you?"

Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov
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About the following leaks, and why Boombl4 denied them

I came back from Major and there's a lot of dirt on the web with Lika. Her moral state was dawning: she was shocked by the hype and all the news. I had to support her in such a case. I was telling her that time will pass [and it will be forgotten].

[You were rude to haters. Did the victory turn your head?] Of course, we dreamed of winning the Major, but it didn't turn my head. I was trying to stand up for her. I loved her greatly and thought I'd be with her until the end of my life. [There are rumors, you went to the agency, to make them remove all the videos] I didn't, but she wanted to. I don't know the details, but I'm sure Lika was onto it for about a month.

LiQueen was dating someone before the proposal

[Was she faithful when Boombl4 travelling?] I don't know. I hope so. Two months ago, I discovered the most unpleasant moment: I wasn't the last man who was with her, when I made my proposal. She went to another man. I don't know if she was sad or happy, or what was in her head. Factually, this is not cheating, as we weren't together at the moment.

On Boombl4's Major win

She was a strong motivation for me, and I wanted to win. NAVI psychologists, Gleb and Marina, also helped a lot with the team. Great props to them, they really worked a lot.

I had emotional rollercoasters, but when I was at a bootcamp, I was fully focused on the game. I chatted with Lika rarely, and only in the evenings. I was grinding hard, playing FPL or mixes after our practices. Even played Dota 2 to have fun and relax.

Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov
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On LiQueen nude photoshoot to support NAVI

It was her idea, she wanted to support me and the team. Of course, I saw the screenshots of it, but I didn't expect her to post these particular photos.

I will say in my defense that this is not my idea. I did not want this. But she decided to hype, as she loves such things. In some way, it was cool.

Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov

On the photos with Russian flags and tanks

These were the hardest days for me. We were sitting on the balcony and she showed me these pictures. I said, "Please, don't even think of posting these. You know why. It may affect me and my career." A week later she puts them on the web. No explanations, only tears, and "sorry, sorry, sorry." I'm eating this, hoping it's the last time.

Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov
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About their divorce

I made the decision. Once I joked, "If I had to choose between you and the team, I'd chose you." And this evil joke turned against me with time. I was excluded for "reputational risks," a.k.a. LiQuieen's photos. After I was kicked, she simply continued to act happily as if everything's fine.

But it was a huge blow for me: It was the goal of my life. I lost my career because of her. The team I had.

On the drug-addiction allegations

I took the tests, and revealed one of them. I went to Invitro, made an express test and showed it to everyone. I have a negative attitude towards drugs, but I had such an experience. Before our trip to Mexico. I didn't like it and I'm not into it. <...>

I don't know how she can speak of the addiction. We've won so many tournaments last year. How can you even play CS while on this shit?

On the blackmailing

She was blackmailing me for money. I didn't know what she would be able to leak. That [drug] video, she made it on the sly. I didn't even know she had something on me. During the official divorce procedure, she was shouting, embarrassing herself, and then said, "give me 5 millions!" Her mother tried to calm her down, tried to make us end on a good note. I refused and went outside. Lika grabbed my neck chain and broke it. My mother ran inside, almost started a fight. I took everyone outside, and we drove home.

Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov

What's with Lika's tooth?

I was laying on the bed, watching a movie. At some point, she leaves the shower and says something. I look at her, and she has a tooth missing. She searched for it in the bathroom, but didn't find it. It was a temporary implant, as she was about to make veneers. I hope she has enough money for those.

She filed a complaint about domestic violence. I visited the police and gave my explanations. It was funny to see, when she was making videos with me: all that happy, without a tooth, jumping on my face with her pussy. It was looking stupid.

How did he get kicked from NAVI?

I woke up at 2PM, xaoc called and said that I'm no longer part of the team. I was emotionless: "Yes, ok, good." Went to Lika and told her about it. I didn't say it was due to her posts, even though it was obvious. But she didn't get it.

What could I do? I told her that every post should've been made with me, but they were appearing anyway. Then all these videos, a Telegram channel that I hyped up. I didn't know it would be like that. I simply didn't.

Will Boombl4 come back on stage?

I want to get back to tier-1 at any cost. It doesn't matter if there will be an invitation or I will have to assemble my own team. I'm 23, we won a lot of tournaments last year. I felt a taste for victories, the excitement of the LANs, flights, and fans. How can you stop enjoying it?

I want to f**king win, feel all that f**king team morale. It is my dream. CS is everything in my life. How can I stop?
<...> It was love. Lika did everything to remove me from the best team in the world, and she still tries to make me finish my career.

Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov
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