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Top Ukrainian analyst Petr1k on NAVI: "Everyone understands that it's unacceptable to have Russian players in an Ukrainian club"

One of the biggest Ukranian CS:GO analysts Oleksandr "Petr1k" Petrik commented on Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov removal from NAVI. He shared an opinion that the organization shouldn't have any Russians on the team and the sooner they will replace them with other players the better. Petrik claims that this point is widely shared among the local community.

On Boombl4 replacement

[Are you happy about Boombl4 kick?] Of course. A kick of any Russian player will be celebrated by any Ukrainian. Especially since NAVI replaced him with sdy. The organization considered him multiple times in the past, and now he is finally given a chance. I'm happy about it, because, to be honest, I didn't want the club to pick up some Kazakhs like buster or qikert. I really wanted them to pick our players.

I don't really have anything against Kazakhstan — it's just I cheer for Ukraine and I specifically want to see Ukrainians playing in NAVI. Especially Ukrainians like sdy, who never expressed some pro-Russian narratives in the community. Someone with a clear Ukrainian position, true patriots, who show it with their actions and don't publish some ambiguous or questionable statements like s1mple.

I was very happy when Boombl4 was kicked. I want NAVI to kick the rest of the Russians — why they are there?

Oleksandr "Petr1k" Petrik
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On Russians in NAVI

As far as I understood, if NAVI will kick every Russian, the club will close — it won't be able to exist. Do I want them to exist? Yes, I do. If they put it this way, they demand a lot of loyalty in that aspect, especially since I know a lot of staff there, and they are all have a pro-Ukrainian position. We see a position of organization, it's pro-Ukrainian as well, but everyone understands that it's unacceptable to have Russian players in an Ukrainian club.

I don't know what to do with this paradox. I don't know how NAVI even plan to exist, because they are hated in both Ukraine and Russia. They took a position, which is unacceptable for both sides. I don't know what they need to do. I hope that maybe slowly, until the end of 2022, the club will kick the most of Russians and will be able to say "We are Ukrainians. Russians, get out, we don't want to have with you anything in common".

I don't want to follow them, cheer for them, and even see them calling themselves a Ukrainian club while they have Russians in their teams. The main thing is, they understand it. They just fight for club's survival and wait until the management transform the organization. It's hard to say how much time they will need.

Oleksandr "Petr1k" Petrik
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On electronic and Perfecto

Of course, we'd kick them right now. But the question is, who is going to replace them, and, as xaoc said, how the club is going to survive. CS:GO squad is the main team in NAVI, it holds everything together. If it will disband, it will be the end of NAVI. That's what xaoc says — but there are people who thinks that this is complete bullshit. I'm not a business expert, I just quote what people say.

So, as a Ukraine patriot and a NAVI fan I'd want them to kick electronic and Perfecto. Their public position is basically the same. In reality, it would be a destructive event for the club. Again, according to xaoc — it's hard for me to see if he is right or not. I can understand his arguments, but also the arguments of other people as well. Sadly, I don't have a clear understanding of this situation at the moment.

Oleksandr "Petr1k" Petrik

Recently, NAVI benched Boombl4 due to "reputational risks" and won BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2022 with Victor "Somedieyoung" Orudzhev as a temporary member. Electronic had his first tournament as the team's IGL and received a lot of praise.

Earlier, their COO Oleksii "xaoc" Kucherov explained the club's position on having several Russian players. They find it hard to replace everyone on NAVI's multiple rosters due to a smaller local playerbase, so, while Ukrainians will be a priority in the future, team will still work with Russians. The only way to have no players from Russia would be to disband current rosters and switch to European scene.

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